Terms of Use

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) carefully before using the services provided by Save The World With Tech (“Company”). By using our Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising services, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use our services.

1. Service Agreement:

1.1. Save The World With Tech will provide Social Media Management, SEO, and PPC Advertising services as outlined in the agreement or proposal provided to the client.

1.2. The client agrees to provide all necessary access and information required to fulfill the services effectively. Failure to do so may result in delays or limitations in service delivery.

2.  Invoices are due as specified in the agreement. Late payments may incur penalties or service interruptions.

3. Termination:

3.1. Either party may terminate the service agreement with written notice, subject to any applicable termination fees or conditions outlined in the agreement.

3.2. The Company may terminate services immediately if the client breaches these Terms or engages in any unlawful or unethical activities.

4. Confidentiality:

4.1. The Company will treat all client information as confidential and will not disclose it to third parties without the client’s consent, except as required by law.

5. Intellectual Property:

5.1. Any intellectual property created or developed as part of the services, including but not limited to content, graphics, and strategies, may be owned by the client upon full payment.

6. Liability:

6.1. The Company will make reasonable efforts to provide quality services, but it does not guarantee specific results or outcomes.

6.2. The client acknowledges that the success of digital marketing efforts can be influenced by external factors such as changes in search engine algorithms or social media platform policies.

6.3. The Company is not liable for any losses or damages, including but not limited to financial, reputational, or data-related, incurred by the client.

7. Indemnification:

7.1. The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company from any claims, losses, or liabilities arising from the client’s use of the services, including but not limited to claims related to content, advertising, or compliance with applicable laws.

8. Amendments:

8.1. The Company reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time. Changes will be effective upon posting on the Company’s website. It is the client’s responsibility to review these Terms periodically.